• Happy Body Therapy

    A welcoming and relaxing therapy space within the coastal village of Coverack and in the comfort of your own home. Happy Body Therapy offers a safe and nurturing space supporting you through your physical and emotional discomfort.

  • Rebalance

    Reflexology and Massage Therapy both help to rebalance your whole body, and everybody knows that a happy body means a happy mind.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    This is a practice that promotes health and wellbeing throughout all the treatments on offer.

Covid-19 Update

Due to restrictions placed on complementary therapy businesses and the climate as a whole I am having to restrict some of the treatments I can offer.

I can now offer massages – including Indian Head massage up to 60 minutes in duration.

I can also offer facial treatments and the “Float Away” special!

I am still restricted in providing Pregnancy Treatments due to pregnancy falling into “clinically vulnerable” category.

Find out more here:

Who is Vulnerable?

Pregnancy Treatments 

Welcome to the new website

Hopefully set up to make things easier and safer for all…

  • You now have the option pay for your treatment online before you arrive – How wonderful to just walk out of your relaxing treatment without fiddling with payments!
  • You can book your treatment by contacting me and discussing a time that suits you best. 
  • You can purchase your “Gift Vouchers” online too!

Happy Body Therapy

We all love a good massage but sometimes its about more than just about relaxing.

A good holistic treatment should allow the relaxation to take place and should also allow you to make sense of life stresses and the effect they have on our mind and body.

Happy Body Therapy offer a variety of treatments from a fully qualified therapist.



Reflexology is a complementary therapy that is based on the principle of reflex points on the foot or hand corresponding to internal organs and other structures of the body. Any congestion or imbalances in these areas will be identified and manipulated.




Massage is the manipulation of muscles and tissues using different techniques. It acts positively on all of the body’s systems in a sensitive non-invasive way.


Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology

Pregnancy Treatments

Massage and Reflexology during pregnancy can have enormous benefits not only to you but also your unborn baby.


Facials-Happy Body Therapy-Cornwall


Using the wonderful Organic product from Pinks Boutique…


Massage Facials Happy Body Therapy Cornwall


A massage incorporating either a facial or reflexology


Indian Head Massage-Happy Body Therapy-Cornwall

Indian Head Massage

An intense yet non-invasive massage that is a deeply calming and relaxing experience.


Massage Gift Voucher - Happy Body Therapy-Cornwall

Gift Vouchers

What could be a more special gift than the gift of time and relaxation.


Our Monthly Offer…

A great opportunity to find out how Reflexology can benefit your health and wellbeing.

About Me

I have lived in Cornwall all my life and enjoy the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that living in this beautiful county provides. In my spare time I like exploring the local coast and landscape on many walks and being outside in the garden. My love for nature and the country spreads to my love for our animals. Our dog, cat and chickens all keep me centred and calm when relaxing at home. Throughout my previous years, I have focused on working within education and care. During this time I have worked with all age groups from 0yrs-98yrs.

Communication and my passion for helping others have followed me within my therapy. I feel that everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. Every consultation will differ from the next making sure your needs are met.

I am registered and fully insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

Jan Carthew Happy Body Therapy Cornwall Massage Reflexology

What the clients say!

“Thank you for my amazing Indian Head Massage yesterday. Jan was calming, clearly knew exactly what she was doing and put me at real ease”.

SR July 16

“My reflexology session today with Jan was amazing. I suffer from 2 chronic illnesses and she listened to my problems and worked her magic so well. An hour later I was feeling so much better and uplifted. I feel so at ease and convinced I will be able to sleep properly tonight. I will definitely be using Jan again, she is so professional and clearly very skilled – a total convert to reflexology”.

DK Aug 16

“I have always felt at ease and in safe caring hands. This was particularly important for me as my husband had died just weeks before my first session with Jan and I was very vulnerable on many fronts. She allowed and helped me to express my feelings and week by week I found myself getting stronger and better able to understand what I was going through. It has always been a joy to attend the sessions , where Jan has also shared her experiences and interests with me. Helping me all the time. As regards the treatments my feet have always been sore when first treated but when I leave they are relaxed and much more flexible. I feel more relaxed. Thank you for all you have done for me”

KP Aug 16

‘My massage with Jan was so lovely! I felt safe in her capable hands, and cared about, even though I was just a once-off client on holidays. She followed up with some suggested stretches that could help me, and researched my options for massage when back home in Australia. I was very appreciative of her skill, professionalism and friendliness’

JD Sept 16

I would just like to thank Jan for my massage last week. What impressed me was what appeared to be the use of reflexology throughout the treatment. This made for a unique experience.

BI July 17

‘Hi Jan, I came to see you in August & had a fabulous therapy session, I felt like I was walking on air for days after, much appreciated. A brilliant therapist & I would highly recommend.’ Kind regards

EK Aug 18