Anxiety and Depression helped by Reflexology and Massage

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression helped by Natural TherapyCan Reflexology and Depression help to alleviate symptoms of Anxiety and Depression?

This can range from mild forms to very severe. We can all experience anxiety and mood fluctuation in our daily lives and at some level and it is part of our natural survival mechanism. Situations such as a job interview, moving house or meeting someone new can induce a feeling of anxiety. When anxiety becomes severe or prolonged it could have an effect on your physical and emotional health. This is the same for depression. The feelings of being sad and feeling low could start as the body’s way of processing situations it faces, allowing it to rest, but if this lasts for a long time and becomes chronic it can affect daily tasks, the ability to cope and could also manifest as physical pain and low energy.


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Massage may help anxiety and depression by changing the balance of hormones that can affect stress. The hormone cortisol can lower as much as 50%. This in turn helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure. The massage can also affect neurotransmitters in the brain and could increase the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine helping to stabilise your mood.


Massage will help with tight, shortened muscles from lack of activity, tension and the rounded posture that often comes with depression. The increase in blood flow and joint movement could have a similar effect to a walk.


Many people find that their energy levels improve and this can help to increase physical activity.


The physical touch can have a profound effect on a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing and building a trusting relationship with the therapist can be a huge benefit.


Often a person can feel improved thinking and memory, clarity of mind and general feeling of harmony.


The main focus for massage and depression will be the torso, upper body and head helping to release tension and structural issues enabling the person to feel upright, tall and supported.



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Reflexology works to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety by stimulating specific acupressure points/nerve endings in the feet and hands


Solar Plexus will enhance feelings of well being and is known to reduce the sensation of ‘butterflies in the tummy. Working this area can also slow breathing and calm nerves.


Head and brain reflexes can help feeling of being overwhelmed. This balancing may also help with concentration and clear thinking.


Stomach reflexes can help with changes in appetite and feeling of nausea that can occur with depression and anxiety and if irritable bowel is a symptom then working the small intestines and colon can help.


Encouraging hormone balance can be hugely beneficial in adjusting levels of anxiety and depression. This can be achieved by manipulating the adrenals allowing the levels of stress hormones to level out, the pituitary gland helps with all the other hormone glands and working the pineal can help with insomnia or other sleep problems, as this gland is responsible for the sleep wake cycle.

Treatments for depression and anxiety should include the balancing of the endocrine system.

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