Mindfulness – Calm the Mind and Nourish the Soul


Calm the Mind and Nourish the Soul was a free workshop organised through Inspiring Health and Made for Life which took place at The Victoria Inn in Threemilestone on Thursday 21st January 2016. It was aimed at anyone who wanted to know more about increasing their energy levels, improving their sleep pattern or wanting to lift their mood. A variety of topics were covered such as Homeopathy, Herbal Teas, Massage and Mindfulness.

As a qualified Homeopath, Mary Greensmith from Inspiring Health explained what Natural Health is, why it works and why you don’t get side effects. She also discussed how Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on your individual medical history, reactions to events, your current symptoms and how you can benefit from personalised medicine.

The use of Herbal Teas and their properties were also discussed and we shared a lovely cup or two. We chatted about the different properties in the herbal tea and their benefits such as improving sleep or aiding digestion.

Using natural products I demonstrated a hand massage that can be performed whenever you need to feel calm and relaxed. Everyone got very involved and the feedback from this was great.

We also demonstrated a shoulder and neck massage that the group then tried on themselves. This is a very simple massage that can be shared with family members and the benefit of touch is immense.

Mary ended the workshop with Mindfulness to help you to learn to focus on today rather than worry about tomorrow. She explained what Mindfulness was and then we participated in a Mindfulness session.

Both Mary and I were inspired by the members of the group and were really delighted with the positive feedback we received.

Thank you


General Self Massage Tips (Give Yourself a HUG)

  • Find a peaceful place and make sure you are comfortable
  • Play your favourite music or stay quiet
  • Begin by closing your eyes and taking 3 deep breaths – in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will enable you to completely focus
  • Keep your movements slow and rhythmical and the pressure even

 Hand massage for Relaxation and Aiding Sleep

    • Prepare yourself using the General Self Massage Tips
    • Use oil or general hand cream
    • Gently rub your hands together in a wringing motion to spread the cream/oil
    • Move the wrist in a circular motion
    • Using your thumb massage the palm
    • Focus and hold in the centre of the palm for 30 seconds
    • Turn your hand over and use the thumb to rub gently between the knuckles from the base of the fingers to the wrist and back again
    • Apply gentle rotating pressure to the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger
    • Massage each finger individually from base to tip
    • Pinch each fingertip for 5 seconds
    • Gently squeeze hands together to finish.

Repeat on the other hand

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