Houseplants Supporting Health

Houseplants supporting health at Inspiring Health in Falmouth

If you are a customer of Inspiring Health Clinic in Falmouth, you will probably have noticed the amount of beautiful plants and flowers adorning every nook and cranny.

They make the space welcoming, calming and beautiful and are tended by Mary’s exceptional care and passion for all that is green and natural.

Getting Inspired

Not being the most ‘green fingered’ of people I have settled for cut flowers to get some plant life into my home. I always have a vase of flowers brightening a corner of the house and is especially satisfying when they come from the garden. Being inspired by ‘Inspiring Health’ I am trying my hand at plant care at home. I’m starting slowly, and hopefully simply, with ivy and fern in the bathroom. I will keep you updated in their progress! Fingers crossed.

But what real benefits do plants and flowers provide for us?

They can have an affect on not only our mental wellbeing but also our physical health.

 See what the experts have to say…







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