Inspiring Talks at Inspiring Health in Falmouth

Stimulate Healing with Reflexology

Well what a wonderful morning I had again on Sunday at Inspiring Health Clinic in Falmouth.

This is now the second talk I have given – Stimulate Healing with Inspiring Talks at Inspiring Health in FalmouthReflexology.

Over the last 2 talks I have been joined by a great selection of inspiring people of varying ages who have all wanted to find out a little more about Reflexology.

I shall be sharing this knowledge again in May so come along to share ideas, discuss holistic therapy and learn from each other.

During the talk you can discover your prior knowledge of Reflexology.  We look at hand reflexology charts and then I go on to demonstrate movements, points and areas to work on your hands to use for first aid. Anything not covered in the handout, such as specific ailments or conditions, are then discussed.

This is all about giving people some other strategies to use to gain control of their own health and wellbeing.

Inspiring myself

If I was asked, 2 years ago to organise and lead a group discussion like this I would have probably said that was a ridiculous idea. I often had doubts about my own ability and my own knowledge and I would be my first and worst critic. I am sure a number of you can relate to that.  Since taking the massive step into my holistic therapy journey, I now believe in my own ability and knowledge. These talks have shown me how passionate I am about my therapies and to trust in my own instinct and feelings.

Inspiring Health Clinic

The clinic is a small, quiet, calm space making 6 the maximum number Inspiring Talks at Inspiring Health in Falmouthof people we can accommodate.

It is a necessity to book your place to avoid being disappointed.

All of the therapists at Inspiring Health are running a selection of free talks at the clinic during 2017, usually on a Sunday morning.

If you want to find out more, please let me know and I can add you to the mailing list for regular updates on topics being discussed and the dates.

Contact me!

The next talk:


with Mary Greensmith (Homeopath & Stress Management Consultant)
Sunday 2nd April 17  1o.30am – 12pm

What makes us become overwhelmed?  What can we do about it ourselves when we know that drugs are not the answer?  Learn what to do yourself to STRESS LESS!

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