Look after your skin during the winter.

During this time of year our skin goes through changes and is up against some challenges: cold air, central heating, unhealthy foods and alcohol amongst a few. This can result in dry and irritated skin with a tired appearance. Here are some ways for you to look after your skin during the winter.

Going outside

The weather changes the needs of your skin so try to make sure your moisturiser or day cream is protecting your skin by retaining your skin’s natural moisture. If possible use one that has some form of SPF. Winter sun can be damaging too. Moving is a great way to improve your circulation. By increasing your circulation you will be nourishing your skin, feeding it with nutrients and oxygen and removing waste products. Movement will also improve your immune system, energy level and can improve your sleep pattern. All of these factors will help improve your skin – and so much more.

Look after your skin during the winter.


Winter weather in the UK can be unpredictable to say the least especially in Cornwall! One day it can be wet and windy and then the next it can be almost shorts weather! I have been on many a winter walk, dressed inappropriately and ended up either too hot or wet. It is probably better to layer as much as you can with light clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Heavier, waterproof layers can go over these if it is extremely cold or raining. Using a hat, scarf and gloves for added protection is a good idea too.


Look after your skin during the winter.

You can look after your skin from the inside too. It’s extremely important for your skin health to keep yourself hydrated. Keep hydrated by aiming to drink six to eight glasses of water, herb or green teas throughout the day. Take a water bottle out with you on your walk. Trying to keep your caffeine and alcohol intake to a minimum will also help. Eating healthy, skin-boosting foods that are full of vitamins and minerals will help boost your skin and promote a healthy glow. Vegetables like carrots, avocado, kale and tomatoes are packed with vitamins that maintain health skin. Oily fish such as sardines promote skin cell regeneration. Eating nuts and seeds especially like pumpkin and chia seeds provide a good dose essential skin nutrients.

SleepLook after your skin during the winter.

If possible try to get as much ‘beauty’ sleep as possible. This is a time when your cells renew. By getting as much quality sleep as you can helps you keep your skin in good condition.

Look after your skin during the winter.


Don’t forget your extremities! Your hands, feet and lips can often really suffer with the cold, changeable weather. Lip balms containing shea butter are especially good at protecting and moisturising. Using a good quality hand and foot cream will not only add moisture but will also protect your skin.

Beyond Organic Skincare provide some wonderful products to nourish and protect your skin. I use these products in my facials and skincare treatments.

Look after your skin during the winter.

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