‘Measure your feet day’

On 23rd of January it will be ‘Measure your feet day’

Being a Reflexologist I am often looking for articles and interesting information about all things feet!

When I first saw ‘Measure your feet day’ I thought what a strange thing to celebrate!

Yet the more I thought about it, seeing feet of different shapes and sizes every day, this may actually be a great opportunity to pay a little more attention to our feet and what we put them in day after day!

Do your feet ache at the end of the day? Have you got bunions, corns or hard skin? These could be signs that your shoes do not fit well.

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Did you know that as we age our feet change shape and size?

There has been some research suggesting that from the age of 40 onwards our feet could increase in size by as much a half a size every 10 years! It may not just be length that increases but width too. As we age our tendons and ligaments lose their suppleness and elasticity. This causes the arch to flatten, which elongates and widens the foot. Years of pounding the pavements and wearing shoes for beauty may also have an effect on our foot health.


How long ago did you get your feet measured?

How long have you been wearing those shoes?

Facts and figures

There was a survey taken by Wynsors World of Shoes and the College of Podiatry that revealed 76% of Uk consumers had not had their feet measured since school. Other statistics it revealed were:

60% of people have one foot bigger than the other

58% of people have bought shoes that hurt their feet

Find out more from the survey here:

Ways to care for your feet

Feet are a vital part of our everyday lives. We need our feet as much as other parts of our body yet they are regularly neglected.

Make this an opportunity to give your feet a place that fits!

  • Get your feet measured properly. You can do this yourself and there are many ‘how to’ online. Make sure you measure both feet as they may be different. Shoe size should be the bigger foot.
  • Your feet may swell and change slightly during the day so trying on new shoes late in the day may be beneficial.
  • Test walk around in the shoes before you buy.
  • Make sure they are comfortable. Any discomfort, tightness or slipping then leave the shoes on the shelf. They will not ‘wear in!’
  • Try to wear shoes with an arch support. Totally flat shoes may create problems.
  • Your toes should lie flat and not feel ‘squished’
  • Taking your own socks with you to help with the fitting.
How else can you look after your feet?

  • Pamper them as often as you can i.e. moisturise, soak them in warm water.
  • Move them…See previous blog – Foot Exercises
  • Inspect them regularly.
  • Keep them clean.
  • Keep your toenails trimmed.
  • Pay attention to any changes.
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