Ponsanooth Fair Day

Ponsanooth Fair Day A Great Success

Arriving at Ponsanooth Fair Day in plenty of time to get set up, we were met and directed to our designated pitch. The Ponsanooth Playing Field Association (PPFA) were really well organised and everything seemed to be handled effectively.  We eventually managed (with help) to erect the gazebo. Thank you to Anthony Curnow (Oak Developments) and the loan of the gazebo from Dylan Collard (Place Manor)

After much fiddling with the displays and chairs we were really happy with the end result. Our talents are endless!

Ponsanooth Fair Day

All we needed now were bodies!

Both Lily and myself were unsure what the response from the public would be in this environment. Would people want to stop for ‘time’ at a village fair? There was no need to worry. Soon we had our first shoulder massage and we were getting a great deal of interest with people talking and taking leaflets.

Lily provided a booking form which we not sure we would need but soon we had people booking in time and time again.

Plenty of Shoulder and Neck massages, Foot massages, Indian head massages and Hand massages were all taking place.

Ponsanooth Fair Day

Sunshine and Smiles

The weather was in our favour too, sunshine with a pleasant welcome breeze. We were certainly really thankful for the shade of the gazebo.

Jill (Accupuncture) arrived later in the afternoon and soon had some demonstrations under way.

There were plenty of discussions, of all things natural and healthy, going on. This is one reason we love to go out and about, reaching people who may not usually think of using natural health and shedding myths and reservations.

Would we do another one?

We would certainly consider it after a rest of course!

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