Reflexology Case Study / Stress in students

Reflexology Case Study / Stress in students

Reflexology Case Study / Stress in students


This client is a 18-year-old, male, full time student attending college. He also has a part time job as a sales assistant in retail.  Due to the demands of his college course and work, he admits that he is not as active as he would like to be although he goes swimming occasionally. He does not seem to have many hobbies. Stress, he admits is an issue for him and he does get stressed easily. When deadlines are looming and feels he is falling behind with his work he feels ‘overwhelmed.’ He admits he is his own worst critic but does not know how to stop himself.

The main reason for the client seeking treatment is stress and his inability to cope along with relief from any localised pain he may have, often caused by the underlying stress. His diet is fairly good, when he finds time to eat properly and he does snack. He does not drink much alcohol as this seems to makes him feel worse although his caffeine and carbonated drinks intake is high and he says his water intake is low.

“…I thought I would try it.”


The client received a course of 6 weekly treatments, followed by 4 fortnightly treatments and now comes to see me every couple of months to maintain the benefits.



At the beginning of the course the client was findingReflexology Case Study / Stress in students balancing life very difficult. He felt under constant pressure from college, work and home. This often manifested in mood swings, emotional outbursts and physical symptoms such as backache. The feeling of being tired and  waking with his head feeling “really full” seemed constant. The reflexology allowed him to cope with his stress. He felt more level and he said he didn’t lose his patience as much as he did before. His sleep improved after 4 sessions and this has continued.

Physical benefits

Stress has been shown to cause a large number of ailments and he was showing physical symptoms of the stress in his life. His feet where very rigid and certain reflexes were very painful even with the lightest pressure in the first few sessions. This started to improve by the third treatment. He started to report having more energy and feeling more positive. His back ache improved. He also started to participate in swimming once again.

“I feel so much more relaxed about things now.”


Stress Management

I gave the client an advice sheet on ways to beat stress. These were aimed at a younger age group and were things that he would be able to fit into his daily routine. Some examples were ‘Take a bath’ ‘Get up 15 minutes earlier’ ‘Learn words to a new song’ ‘Throw a paper aeroplane’ He did implement some of these and even encouraged some of his friends to join him.

Fluid intake

The client was advised to drink more water, as his feet were often dehydrated. I suggested that he take a water bottle to college that he can refill whenever he needs to. The client took the advice and is feeling better for it.


I gave the client strategies to get a routine to his day. The client did not have a routine and stayed up late in the night and lay in bed late in the morning. This may not be good for a healthy outlook on life and by trying to develop a more life friendly routine he may not feel such pressure. We looked at making lists of achievable goals that he can cross off. These need to include breaks and activities that will inspire him. He took this advice and has now developed a more healthy interest in his days and feels less overwhelmed.


We looked at alternatives to his constant snacking on unhealthy food and he discovered some really delicious ones although he finds time for eating proper meals still difficult.

Reflexology Case Study / Stress in studentsBreathing and relaxation techniques

I suggested to the client that he explore some ways to enable him to unwind and not feel guilty about not having a computer screen in front of him. We talked about the different types of meditation and I explained that there are many ways to meditate and suggested that he explored some. We also discussed breathing exercises.

Hand Reflexology

I suggested that the client try Solar Plexus relaxation on the hands to help with sleep and relaxation, unfortunately the client did not take this advise immediately but when he did he found the benefit and has carried it on.


The client did not really participate in any physical activity although once he started to feel more relaxed and organised he decided to participate in swimming once again.


“I had never had Reflexology before but a friend of my mum had suggested it, so I thought I would try it. Having no idea what to expect and quite nervous, Jan explained the treatment well. I feel so much more relaxed about things now. Jan has given me strategies that I can use myself and begin to feel in control of my life. Before I went to see Jan I felt as if I was under huge pressure and now I can actually say that I am enjoying college life and I have time for me and my friends too. I now have the energy to do things outside of college too and am really enjoying swimming again. Thank you. ”


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