Reflexology for Grief

Grief and loss, in any form, can block your energy flow and upset the delicate balance of our physical, emotional and spiritual being. When we are unbalanced it can end up presenting as depression, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed and hopelessness as well as physical symptoms.

Reflexology for Grief

Reflexology for Grief

Reflexology will aid in releasing and rebalancing this energy.

Reflexologists treat all clients as an individual (holistically), and we know that grief is a personal process and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. With this in mind, not all clients will react to the treatment in the same way or come for the same reasons.

You will be provided with the space and care you need at this time. This will allow time for the release of emotions and assist in the grieving process. The treatment will be comforting and nurturing and will allow your natural balance to restore in your own time.


“I have always felt at ease and in safe, caring hands. This was particularly important for me as my husband had died just weeks before my first session with Jan and I was very vulnerable on many fronts. She allowed and helped me to express my feelings and week by week I found myself getting stronger and better able to understand what I was going through.
It has always been a joy to attend the sessions , where Jan has also shared her experiences and interests with me. Helping me all the time.
As regards the treatments my feet have always been sore when first treated but when I leave they are relaxed and much more flexible. I feel more relaxed.
Thank you for all you have done for me”

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