Reflexology Case Study – Sleep

“I am really grateful to have a decent nights sleep.”


This client is a 51-year-old divorced lady with 1 adult son. She works part time in hospitality. Describing her diet as healthy, she does often miss meals due to cooking having to cook for one. She did have an active lifestyle, participating in dance and exercise classes regularly but this has changed recently due to feeling so tired and unmotivated. Sleep has become an issue for her and she wakes at least twice during each night. This was the main reason for the course of treatment. She wanted to see if the reflexology would help with sleep without the need for medication. Having always suffered with a sore neck and shoulders she wondered if the reflexology would help with this too.


I explained that to gain the full benefit of reflexology it is usually beneficial to have a course because you often do not see the results immediately.

The client received a course of 6 weekly treatments, followed by 4 fortnightly treatments and now has a treatment at 6-10 week intervals to maintain the benefits depending on how she is feeling.


“After each treatment my head feels clear and I feel so relaxed.”



The clients sleep pattern, when starting the treatment, was extremely poor and she was averaging, on a good night, 4-5 hours. She saw an almost instant improvement finding it easier to drop off when she woke in the night, which was a real issue for her. This did not always last until the next treatment. By treatment 3 she had even slept through one night. By treatment 4 she was, on average, only waking once a night instead of three and is now getting about 6-7 hours a night. The impact this has had on her life has been immense and she started to participate in her classes again.


The client said that she suffered from muscular issues in her neck and shoulders for a long time and this became apparent on her reflexes. I also discovered from her feet that she has blockages in her head, ears and sinus areas. The client reported feeling her ears popping and buzzing while receiving the treatment. During the course her physical symptoms of neck and shoulder improved too.



 “…so many techniques that I can practice myself.”

Foot Care

The client had a large build up of hard dry skin on her big toe and inside edge of her foot and I advised that she could to try to soften and get rid of this. She went to regular pedicures and the skin was soon reduced and softened.

Fluid Intake

Her fluid intake was very low and her feet were often dehydrated. I suggested that she maybe take a water bottle to work, at her workstation and also have one at home when she is doing chores or gardening etc. The client took the advice and is feeling better for it. Her feet became less dehydrated.


The client does tend to eat too fast and she does not always eat her 3 meals a day because she often only has herself to cook for so regularly misses a meal. I explained the importance of a routine with food and to try to get her food intake regular as it may help with her sleep pattern and general wellbeing.


The client spends a large amount of her day sat at a desk so for the client to become more body aware and to be more conscious of her posture, especially at work she was able to correct bad posture. She managed to acquire a more ergonomic chair at work, which she has said has made a huge difference. She also makes sure that she gets enough breaks throughout the day.

Other Therapies

I recommended that the client enhance the effects of the reflexology by going to receive a regular treatment of massage on her back, neck and shoulders. She did this and felt the effects almost immediately.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

I suggested to the client that she explore some ways to enhance her relaxation. This could be simple breathing techniques or meditation. We discussed some options and I demonstrated some breathing techniques that she could try.

See my blog on breathing techniques breathe

Client Comment

“It is so wonderful to feel like I have control of my life again. After each treatment my head feels clear and I feel so relaxed. I am really grateful to have a decent nights sleep. The impact has been amazing. Jan also armed me with so many techniques that I can practice myself. Some worked and some didn’t. If you are in doubt about receiving a reflexology treatment all I can say is give it a go. You have nothing to lose and you could gain your life again, as I have. Thank you so much Jan.”


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