Is it the physical act of walking, the environment we are in, or both?

The Benefit Of Walking


The benefit of walking

Making the most of a rare, dry day this winter we piled into the car with our wellies and Bob (the dog). Everyone remembered their hats and gloves and we surely needed them. It may have been dry but that meant it was chilly!

The coast pulled us like a magnet and where better than a run to Perranporth. Bob, as usual, got very excited and started his usual ‘chatting in the back. He knew where he was going.

The tide was out past Chapel Rock and the beach was awash with French Bulldogs. One of the little chaps took a fancy to our legs and after an apology from his owner we discover that it was the monthly meeting of the Frenchie’s owners. The dogs were having an amazing time and the owners seemed to also. Bob enjoyed the attention and he had one particularly ‘flirty’ girl tease him.

The benefit of walking

After the long trek across the sand and down to the shoreline we all needed to warm up. Where better than the Watering Hole! Bob was welcomed and so were we. One of their famous, delicious hot chocolates hit the spot. Everyone there had relaxed and smiling faces and the place was filled with chatter and laughter. We then bumped into old friends and that was the icing on the cake to a perfect afternoon.

There is something therapeutic about a walk by the sea. Whether the beach is busy or empty, or the weather is wet or sunny. You’ll feel content if you are walking on your own or with friends or family.

Is it the act of walking, the environment we are in, or both?

There has been some research into the benefit of walking and it shows that the physical act of walking can help reduce stress and feelings of depression. This happens because when you are walking, your brain releases more endorphins (natural feel good hormones.) The environment can also have psychological effects. Taking yourself out of your daily, normal surroundings and into a calm and peaceful environment can have instant pressure release. Walking within this environment can also just give you time for ‘just being.’

So I would say both!


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