World Reflexology Week 2018

World Reflexology Week 2018

World Reflexology Week 2018 was a great success at Happy Body Therapy and Inspiring Health Clinic and was extremely positive for me, and hopefully all of the clients too.

I had placed an offer of a 60 minute Reflexology session at ‘HALF PRICE’ for the week and I ended up being fully booked.

Having the opportunity to share this amazing therapy is always an honour and many of the clients that took advantage of the World Reflexology Week offer, had never experienced Reflexology before, some of them had experienced it “years ago” and some were returning and taking advantage of the offer. A real mix!

Some clients talked throughout their treatment, others closed their eyes and drifted off and a couple snored! All of these work well with Reflexology. It allows you to feel at ease.

Some of the comments:

“Will it hurt?”

“What have you found?”

“I feel as light as air!”



“That makes sense!”

Thank you to all of you who came and shared World Reflexology Week with me. Roll on next year but feel free to try it out before then. You will be pleased you did!

World Reflexology Week 2018





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