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Indian Head Massage

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It is an intense yet non-invasive massage that is a deeply calming and relaxing experience. Some clients feel more grounded and balanced after a treatment.

This massage originated, as the name suggests, in India over a thousand years ago.
It is part of a natural healthcare method called Ayurveda that takes into account the mind, body and spirit. The massage continues to be part of Indian families rituals and providing healing and relaxation to this day

Why should I have an Indian Head Massage?

The upper body is prone to stress and poor posture especially for our modern day life. Long hours at work, overuse of technology, working in a seated, static position for long periods of time, general bad posture and lack of exercise can all develop into tension and stress in the neck, shoulders, back and head. This tension can be increased by daily life stresses.

How does it work

Massaging the back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp, ears and face, using firm yet gentle rhythmic movements, relieves tension in these areas. Indian Head massage incorporates acupressure points called Marma points, which help to release a free flow of energy. It also concentrates on balancing and clearing the chakras and releasing negative energy.

Many people will feel immediate results, feeling relaxed and energised but for others it can take longer for the energy to rebalance. It works intuitively with the individual, restoring a free-flow of energy, releasing blockages and assisting the body with it’s natural healing.
It helps with many emotional and physical problems.

Indian Head Massage explained.

As with any therapy a full consultation will take place before the treatment to ensure suitability.

Ideally lasting for 45 minutes, the treatment can be shortened to 20 minutes. Please discuss this at time of booking. It can be tailored to your individual needs and a lasting effect can be achieved with a short treatment although a course of treatments could be even more beneficial.

The massage can take place sat in a low backed chair or laying on the couch and is usually performed with soothing oils. It can also take place clothed through a thin top or t-shirt.

Starting with the back and shoulders working deeply over muscles and pressure points that will aid in their relaxation leading to the arms and hands. The neck will then be massaged, including the ears. The treatment moves onto the head and scalp and will finish with the face.

A variety of techniques will be used during the treatment, some are quick and stimulating, others are gentle and relaxing and some are exclusive to Indian Head.

The last part of the treatment is balancing of the upper chakras, which will help with deeper healing and wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

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