Massage is the manipulation of muscles and tissues using different techniques. It acts positively on all of the body’s systems in a sensitive non-invasive way.

So, how can it help you?

Massage can stimulate the release of natural painkillers in your body.
Massage can stimulate the production of ‘feel good’ hormones, such as endorphins. Having time to be quiet can aid in the relief of stress.
Increased circulation will deliver oxygen and nutrients to the entire body, and in turn aid in the removal of waste.
Massage can stimulate the immune system and speed up the removal of toxins.
Manipulating muscles and tissues will relieve strain on the joints and help to restore movement.
Massage allows you to become in tune with your body and to understand it as a whole – holistically.
The body has a natural sleep rhythm that can become disrupted, massage can stimulate serotonin that aids in regulating sleep.
Touch has an instant relaxing quality, it stimulates nerve endings and lowers the heart rate. Your breathing becomes deeper and slower, aiding in relaxation.

Treatment Overview

Your first treatment will include a consultation to gather information from any medical conditions to lifestyle and diet.
This will enable me to build a picture of your ‘whole’ being. A treatment plan will then be devised and adapted as your needs change over time.

Depending on the type of massage devised you may have remove some of your clothing. I will ensure you are covered with towels throughout the treatment. Oil or wax is used to enable me to manipulate the muscles and tissues of your body.

Different techniques are used during the treatment including:

  • Effleurage – soothing, stroking
  • Petrissage – kneading, wringing
  • Percussion – tapping, cupping
  • Frictions – Focus on a specific area

I will use these techniques and other approaches to provide a fully holistic treatment.

After the treatment you will be given time to relax further. The treatment will be discussed and any changes will be given to you along with aftercare advice and any reactions you may feel during the 24 hours after your massage.



20 minutes


  • Face and Head
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Hand or Foot

30 minutes


  • Back
  • Face and Head
  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Hand or Foot

45 Minutes


  • back
  • full body
  • indian head
  • back, neck and shoulders

90 minutes


  • Full Body
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