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Both Pregnancy Massage and Maternity Reflexology offered by a qualified therapist

Anyone pregnant falls into the “vulnerable” category with regard to Covid-19. As the benefits you gain from a massage or reflexology during pregnancy can be great we can discuss the possibility of a treatment. This will need to be discussed with your healthcare provider and written permission will need to be provided.

Maternity Reflexology

You are starting on a new and exciting phase of your life. Having a baby, whether or not it is your first pregnancy, will bring you plenty of wonderful experiences and new challenges.

Maternity Reflexology can support you throughout pregnancy and promote general wellbeing.

It aims to improve your physical and emotional health by working on specific reflex points. A maternity reflexology session will also give you time away from your busy life and enable you to focus on yourself on your growing baby.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage during pregnancy can have enormous benefits not only to you but also your unborn baby. It can support you both emotionally and physiologically during a time when your body is undergoing immense changes and can help prepare your body for birth.

This is a time of great excitement and joy for you as an expectant mother but it can also be a very stressful and massage can help to reduce these stress levels.

If you receive regular massages whilst pregnant it can make you more aware of you body and will enable you to relax during the 1st stage of labour, which could lead to a shorter, easier birth, less pain and a lower rate of postnatal complications. It could also lead onto increased breast-feeding success.

Pregnancy Treatments

Massage and Reflexology

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