Special Massages

Float Away
Back, Neck and Shoulders followed by Mini Organic Facial Massage

A relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage incorporating pressure points to release tension. This will be followed by our Organic Facial Massage. Ideal for easing headaches and stress, or just to “float away.”

60 Minutes

Holistic Heaven
Full Body Massage followed by Choice Organic Facial

An unmissable treatment to relieve tension throughout the body and to quieten the mind. Begins with a full body massage allowing tension and worries to melt away followed by the Choice Organic Facial to clear the head and feel “heavenly”

90 minutes

Total Relaxation
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage, Foot Massage, followed by a Luxury Organic Facial and Head Massage

Start this with a Back Neck and Shoulder massage that will allow tension to melt away. Your relaxing journey continues with a foot massage to stimulate the reflexes, allow your energy to flow and encourage your body’s healing process. The Choice Organic Facial will finish the ‘Total Relaxation’ journey leaving you with renewed energy.

120 minutes

If you want a more bespoke treatment then contact to discuss options.